Sunday, 22 April 2012

How To Train Your Dragon x

Hey again!
Yup, Its me. With only 1 follower you would think Id just abandon this forum, but I have got nearly 100 pageviews!
Soooo Close!
And I Mean REEEEALY close. I have 99!

Anyway, I am just gonna tell you about my faveourite movie of all time;
How To Train Your Dragon
Love it! :D
And I think this drawing of the characters is very realistic.
By the way, If you can't tell the difference, RuffNut is the girl from the twins ^ (Where the arrows pointing) And TuffNut is the boy behind her. I think Hiccup looks really cute on that! just look at him! Awwwwwh!
I dont like how the artist made FishLips really fat. Bleaugh. And theres a dragon on his head!
Astrid Is my hands down favourite.
And I cant remeber the bully-boys name! xD

Honestly. Check It Out!

Rocka xx

Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Daily Post (2)

Hey! Its me. RockChic!
 I know... Im sooo gorgeous! xD
Today was pretty cool, but I couldn't get over yesterday. I was just on MSP, doing my own thing, when...
Lucky Lily, my level 20 Friend went to a level 5+ Mall chatroom. So I thought Il go too.
I went there, and...
MissM and Lucky Lily, two level 20s in the same chatroom, level 10s and 15 and 19 and 17s, and Lucky Lily and MissM fans!
OMG! And I aint no liar! Evidence! (It was the Bunny Mall 5+.)
MissM is the one with black hair in a ponytail holding her hips with red deedy-boppers and buckle boots. She has white skin, I think she is a bit of a goth, but no offence.
I like goths!
And Lucky Lily is the girl In the blue outfit with a blue curly side pony and blue shiny lobster claws, a light and dark blue dress and a light blue ribbon hairband.
Still can't get over it!
Being a level 20 Must be like being a celebrity!
But Im level 7, VIP Jury Celeb,
So Im on the road to..
Stardom!!! 8D

The Daily Post (1)

Yoh, Im back! Haven't got on MSP Yet. Gonna go on later. Actually, nah, Ill go on now, I wanna see my friends. :)
Well, here is the moviestarplanet link once again.
Remeber, Make An Account If You Dont Have One!
MSP Is a fun, cheerful virtual online site where you play games, earn starcoins, earn fame and rise to stardom like ishacool!
Im actually quite close. Level 7. 8)
I think level 21 is coming out, cause I hovered my mouse over the name of ishacool, and it came up with 'Level 21 - Amazing Moviestar'.
Cool, huh? 8D
Well, going on MSP.
See you there!
Rocka ♥

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Justin3030 is back from hols!
The Party is starting! :D So happey. Oh and here is the moviestarplanet link ->

Sooo, check it out! :D
Rocka xox

Silly MSP Story: Cheese on a sundae

Random news alert!!!!

read all about it! Rockchic893 has all 5 easter eggs!

And Im Proud! They are on display at my garden. Yet again, if you want to go on MSP, click here ->
And that wasn't all the random news. Oh no! RockChic893 and Amychilds234 are mad about CHEESE! Yes, CHEESE! Here is the CCTV evidence! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is SERIOUS! They could flood MSP With CHEESE! Adele630's house is already flooded with CHEESECAKE! :O!

RockChic893 and Amychilds234 are the key suspects, but It could be other MovieStarPlanet users too.

Here is official CCTV Footage of adele630 in her cheesecakey house, crying for help.

Then, to adele630's horror, the two trouble makers struck her house again, and ontop of the cheesecakey distaster, her house also started flooding with...
KnickerBlockerGlorys! :O!!!

The scary CCTV Footage of adele630...
Throwing a tantrum...???

Anyway, since that incident, moderators have been closely watching over Amychilds234 and RockChic893.

Interview speech does not give any evidence.

Moderator: Rockchic893, did you on the 10th April 2012 flood adele630's house with cheesecake and sundaes, paired with amychilds234?
Rockchic893: No comment.
Moderator: Okay. After the full search of your Room, is the contract for 110 cheesecakes and 97 sundaes be somehow related to that incident?
RockChic893: No comment.
Moderator: I would like a comment, though. Give me a awnser for the last two questions, please.
RockChic893: No comment!
Moderator: Okay, fine. Interview over...

We gave up on RockChic893, and started a interview with Amychilds234.

Moderator: Well, hello, Amychilds234.
Amychilds234: What do you want? I haven' done anything!
Moderator: Just to ask a few questions. Firstly... Amychilds234, did you on the 10th April 2012 flood adele630's house with cheesecake and sundaes, paired with Rockchic893?
Amychilds234:... No, I didn't. But I know who did.
Moderator: And whom may it be?
Amychilds234: Its obvious. It was *censored*.

We chose not to show the name of this person, as we visited them and they committed to two inccidents. The adele630 house flood, and another unknown incident.
Using the power of the Phantom Of The Opera, they filled Justin3030's House with musical notes...
CCTV Footage shows suspects hidden behind the red circle. They were identified as adele630 getting revenge on another person for her house flooding, rockchic893 summoning blue musical notes, amychilds234 summoning pink musical notes, and adele630's evil twin adele6300 summoning deafining sound waves and a massive music symbol to hide their presence.

adele630 was sentenced to 5 weeks banned from MSP and a fame decrease of 50.
RockChic893 was sentenced to 10 weeks banned from MSP and a fame decrease of 100.
Amychilds234 was sentenced to 10 weeks banned from MSP and a fame decrease of 100.
Adele6300 was sentenced to 20 weeks banned from MSP and a fame decrease of 1.000.

Lol! Hope you liked my silly story! Please make your comments on how you think it was, and if you do, please include:
How out of 10 this was SILLY!

Thanks! Bye! :)

My second post!! :) x

My second post!!! :D
Okay, before we start, I would just like to say:
If you dont know what MSP/ MoviestarPlanet is, click this link and you will be magically whizzed off to the home screen of MSP By Merlin. O.o
Just click THIS ->
And if you don't already have a user/account on MSP, click where the massive arrow is pointing. It'll say 'New User'. Click it, and you will go to the new user customisation screen. By the way, the avatar dancing on the left side of the screen is NOT a actual user. It would be cool if it was, though! If I got put on, Id be famous for a couple of seconds! :D
I think you can take it from there. ;)
Oh, and if you dont know where the arrow is, follow this picture. :)
I highlighted where you click to make a new user. :)
Oh, and this is meeeeh! :)
and thats back when I WASN'T Jury, ok? xD!
And sorry for the box in the way! :( I needed the Blow Kiss animation on, and its just so...Hard! To click the Blow Kiss numerous seconds before clicking 'Snipping Tool' and taking a snip.
And I have a suprise for you! :D
On this post here, if you are wondering anything about me, comment a few questions below! I will read them and post the awnsers in my next post. :)
If I don't get any questions by May 1st, I will not post another post. That would be baaad... :(

By the Way, my best friend wasn't always Amychilds234. Practically from when I just started MSP PheonixBlue was there for me, but now she never logs on...:(
She did have a blog, but I can't remeber the name!! Uggggh!! x-o

Well, that's about it for this post! If you are following this blog, Thank you sooo much! :D If you are just a fan of my posts and blog, thank you very much too! :)
And if you COMPLETELY hate this blog forever, you can just-
Never look at this blog again, LOOSER!!! xD
Just joking, you know. Just Jesting.
Bye! :)

My first EVER Post!!! ♥

Yo, guys! Yes, Im here. RockChic893, still here bothering ya. Well, this is my first ever post, so if it's rubbish, please don't say it...You keep nasty thoughts to yourself, right?
And no, I don't want to be a teacher just because I said that... Lol... :/

Today on Msp was Boring. No, it was more boring than that. It was BORING!
My boyfriend Justin3030 is still on holiday and Im sooo loneleh... So Im glad Amychilds234, ma bestie, is still here for me! :D
And you, adele630! D: Actually, here is me and adele630. LOL! Young Don Jack got in the way! Move, Jack!
Yeah... I reeeeally Don't know what I was wearing. And thats back when Momo wasnt massive! No, he was massiver than that. He was MASSIVE!
And, If you were wondering, here is Justin3030.
Im very lucky to have him! I love him sooo much! Like...
So Im dieing for him to  come back! :'(

Oh. And here is AmyChilds234. :)
She a great fwend! :) Love ya Amy! >¬< Well, thats the end of my first ever blog!
Pleeeeease follow this blog... And lastly...
Tell me your MSP Name so I can add you! :D